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Maintenance Options

Whether you are a homeowner, office owner, body corporate manager or factory owner, we offer various maintenance plans.

For Homeowners, the most popular maintenance plan is our quarterly option, where we visit 4 times a year to ensure your electric fencing is working optimally. By being part of our plan, you also get preferential treatment when there is a problem with the fencing, where we will schedule your visit in above ad hoc client call-outs.

For estates, such as golf estates, home estates, large office developments and such, our maintenance plans assist you in best managing your estate security.

We can come out once or twice a month to ensure all electric fencing is working perfectly, that signals are connecting up with security companies and that all is working as it should.

Maintenance visit includes the following:

– Once a Monthly Maintenance visit to the Fence

– Testing of Voltages of all the zones

– Testing of the alarms of the fences

– Tensioning of wires where required

– Testing of Battery Voltages

– Vegetation clearing where required for electrified fencing

– Each visit will be documented and signed off by a representative of the property


– Repair of the electrified fence within 16 working hours after the report of the damaged fence

– Stand-by Energizer installation if an energizer needs to go in for a repair. (Might not be similar energizer, but good voltage on the fence will

be maintained, and alarm will sound if fence register a problem)

– All maintenance Material included, isolators tensioners, wire (Battery Replacement not included )

Material required to repair the fence damaged by a third party to be charged additional

Monthly payments payable on the first of every month or the first working day

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