Fish Cage Project

Electric Fence for Fishing Cages, Saldanha. 

  • Date: 12 April 2019
  • Client: Private Client
  • Project Type: Electrified Fencing

About this Project

We believe this might be the first of its kind project and we developed and fine-tuned as we went along. Essentially, we manufactured electrified fencing around fish cages on the ocean.

Our clients, fish farmers, experience major problems with seals around and in their cages.

Defence Fencing came up with a plan to electrify the perimeter of the cage with 2 strands of wire. Custom manufactured brackets were fastened to the PVC cages with the use of stainless steel straps. 2mm stainless steel wire was used for electrified strands. We further used the Gallagher S100 Energizer which can be switched on and off via a cellphone.

Accentronix Nano Cellswitch was used for this application and we installed 8 of these systems – and feedback from our clients so far has been good and the system is effective.

Maintenance Options Available

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