Longlands House 

Architect-Designed Balustrades

  • Date: 12 November 2019
  • Client: Private Owner
  • Project Type: Architect-Designed Balustrades

About this Project

This project took place at a residential property at Longlands Country Estate in Stellenbosch.

We were contracted to manufacture and install architect-designed balustrades, a wrap-around roof structure for the stoep as well as various Pergola frames.

Interior balustrades were manufactured with 60x40x2mm rectangular frames and 12mm round tubing was used for the infills. The manufacturing of these balustrades was a challenge due to the fact that an “organized chaos” effect had to be achieved through the design. Even though the design looks easy there were still repetitive measurements and placings that had to be followed. Exterior balustrades were manufactured with the use of the same material but with a less “ busy” design, giving the effect of a wrap-around roof structure. 90x90x6mm square tubing posts were used and the posts doubled up as the downpipes as well. 260×90 Parallel Flange Channels were used for the front beams and these doubled up as the facias as well. 100x50x1.6mm rectangular tubing was installed at a 17-degree angle as purlins.

All steel used was hot-dipped galvanized, galvanized primed and then painted with universal primer and a steel top coat.

The Pergolas were manufactured with 260×90 PFC as well as with 150x50x2mm rectangular tubing as infills. The largest of the Pergolas weighed more than a ton and was installed with the use of a crane truck.

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